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Change Evangelist: Cyber Security to Cloud Computing to Social Business Entreprepreneur!

April 08, 2017
Who is Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz and Why Do I Call Myself A Change Evangelist?
Well my background surprises many, especially those who realize I'm a millennial yet most stereotypes won't match my previous experience!
Pager-Wearing Millennial
Born in 1981, Played College Hockey, President of Fraternity and Graduated 2003 in Business Information Systems
9yrs Cyber Security at Department of Defense
Managed 32 Developers Traveled 40 weeks a year
3 trips to Iraq & 2 to Afghanistan
Technology Evangelist at Datacenter Cloud Startup
2014 named Top 25 Futurist Social Business Leader by the Economist
Gov. Certified Speaker in 2007
Trained 500+ Military in Cyber Security & Collaboration.
Briefed at the Pentagon Quarterly Joint Chiefs Of Staff 2007-2011
Hosted 200+ Interviews 2013-17
Social Business Hour 2013-15
CloudTalk 2014-2016
SMACtalk Podcast 2014-Today
FOMOFanz Podcast 2016- Today
Swiss Army Knife of Skill Sets
Past Keynotes on: Ethical Hacking, Reverse Mentorship, Technical Course Creation, Live Video, Digital Transformation etc..
2017 Keynote Topics:
The Secret to Discovering Yourself: Be Yourself
We is Great Than Me: Community is the Future of Business
Think Like A Fan: How to Leverage Live Video To Tell Brand’s Digital Stories
Turning Customers Handshakes into Hugs
Embracing a Millennial Mindset: How to connect with Digital Natives & Dinosaurs
Future of Innovation is Collaboration
Let's Chat & I'll Send Over My Media Kit!
Made with Adobe Spark
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Imported from Brian Fanzo

Imported from Brian Fanzo

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