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Defining Success Wrong, Paid 5k for 100k Twitter Followers


Watch out I’m fired up and full of passion on this episode, it might be a combination of my strong belief in the importance of defining success in this digital world full of noise and fakers or just the fact I was using my new standing desk.  But on this episode you'll feel my passion, my fire and hear my plea for everyone that wants to use new technology or bleeding edge marketing strategies, that you must define success, you must link it to business goals and ultimately anyone that starts with the technology or the apps without defining success is an idiot.

I love and believe in the power of digital storytelling, I’ve built my business around building strategies for social video apps like Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope, YouNow and others.  But more than that, I love helping people embrace change and focus on the aspects of their business they love the most while letting their employees, customers and advocates tell their story.  I don’t care about what technology a business is using or what marketing tool they have purchased, I care about helping a business solve a problem, achieve a business object and ultimately achieve the success they’ve defined at the start of the project.  So it doesn’t matter if you’re writing down your goals as an entrepreneur for 2017 or putting a 2017 content calendar together as a small business, after listening to this episode I hope you understand the importance of using data, having a clear understanding of how you’ll measure your goals and the data and ultimately define and focus on success more so than any shiny object or bleeding edge technology.

This week I accomplished in 2016 goal of reaching 100k followers on my Twitter account @iSocialFanz.  Now this is a vanity metrics but in this episode you'll hear me explain why this single metric might appeared to be in the goal for me in 2016 it was really a combination of strategy and focus as well as proving an event professional wrong that wanted to pay me more money but only if I had 100k followers.

Quotes from this episode:

“Success when tied to a single metric, is guaranteed to fail!”

“Data isn't the story.

You use data to help tell the story…”

“Focus of building a following on social media has to be able the combination of what you provide your followers and what your followers will provide you.”

“Success is determined by your audience, not by you the brand or content creator!”

On this episode I discuss:

  • Would you buy followers on social media if someone offered you 5k dollars and you knew it would only cost you $800 to buy those followers?

    • I explain as a professional business speaker the broken methodology of many events that weigh having a book or some variety metric has on the amount they’ll pay for you to speak.

  • Value of community and the importance of making community success much more than a variety number or the needs or judgement of others.

  • Data is important but those who use one variable of data are going about measurement and data the wrong way.

  • The value of context for the data that you use to measure success or set your goals with.

  • What does it mean to be an influencer in this digital world and the importance of doing the research and understanding what someone has done and accomplished before labeling them as an influencer or thought leader.

  • Anyone who measures someone's success based on how loud someone screams doesn’t understand the importance of understanding what someone has done in the past, what they’re doing today and what they’re setting themselves up to do in the future.

  • Difference between Chewbacca Mom being a viral sensation and calling her an influencer.

  • Understanding that the audience not the content creator is who determine the success of a project or if something goes viral.

  • Defining business objects or solving a business problem has to be the key focus of any and all new projects including those on new media such as Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and others.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re deploying influencer marketing or email marketing or digital marketing as a whole…. you must understand what success looks like, define the business objects or problems you’re solving while understanding where your audience is then decide on the technology or network you’ll use to achieve this.

  • Fear Of Missing Out and this show FOMOFanz is about helping the audience focus on the business that they do the best while also understanding what is available tomorrow and what your community will be doing tomorrow.  

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