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Social Media Strategy Changes In Light of the Facebook Apocalypse! SMMW18 Keynote: Brian Fanzo

This was the opening session after the keynote at Social Media Marketing World 2018 in San Diego. This was my 4th year speaking at #SMMW18 and I decided to push some limits and do a presentation with 51 GIFs that lasts just over 35 minutes.

The video was captured from my Iphone on stage from an odd angle so you see a lot of my jeans so I added in some of the live audiences tweets and pictures to hopefully make this video valuable!! I was humbled to be the most mentioned speaker out of 220+ speakers at this event and as you'll see the tweets and engagement during my session were truly amazing.

Here's the session description:

Facebook has long preached the importance of social media being an extension of human to human interactions but lacked the platform or algorithm to reward brands for doing so. This all changed on January 11, 2018, as Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.”

Brian will walk the audience through the strategy shift to create meaningful community interactions, empower employees, and leverage both influencers and fans. He will cover:

Social Media Changes: The latest news feed change and how that impacts organic reach and Facebook Ad spend.
Conversational Content: How to build a content strategy from the fans perspective focusing on creating “participatory content” targeted at an active audience rather than social spectators.
People Empowerment: What role employee advocacy and influencer relations will have on creating social media conversations and organic reach of content on social media
4 T’s: Framework needed to embrace this change & build a scalable strategy through Trust, Transparency, Training and Technology.

Intro audio by:
All video footage was captured by me using my iPhoneX!

Speaker page:

Imported from Brian Fanzo

Imported from Brian Fanzo

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