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Storytelling w/ Your Digital Eyeballs - #SMsummitIRL Keynote Dublin Ireland

April 07, 2016
Storytelling w/ Your Digital Eyeballs - #SMsummitIRL Keynote Dublin Ireland

Keynote I gave in Ireland for the first ever Social Media Summit Event they had!
I’m truly honored to be a part of this summit not only because it will be my first time in Ireland but because I will get to share the stage with so many other great speakers while connecting and building relationships with many new social media friends in the audience.

I want to leave you with this, although my keynote and workshops will be focused around new social networking apps Periscope & Snapchat, my focus and hopefully the audiences takeaways will be on something far bigger and more important than any one app. That is, that we all have a story to tell, all businesses understand the importance of community and when you focus on building a strong community and empowering your employees, partners customers to tell your story, we can each make small change that ultimately will help change the world!

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