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Turn Customer Handshakes Into Hugs and Selfies

September 30, 2016
"Son, Social Media will never replace a handshake!" - My Dad

This 60min keynote was inspired by my response to my Dad's message to me....

So much focus for brands today is on creating a "new" customer experience to reach both millennials and generation z, few understand what it takes to embrace this change and build a community.

These are the slides I (Brian Fanzo) created to present to the clients and partners of Sitel Worldwide, a customer support and resource global outsourcing brand.

They keynote was focused around what my book "A Millennial Mindset" is based on: Change, Collaboration and Community.

This presentation includes:
Change in Customer Behaviors
What is a Millennial Mindset
Change of customer experience because of Mobile
What has to change to embrace millennials
What not to do
Value of Social Media
Importance of Content
Future of video and live streaming
(Video recorded using Periscope Live Streaming App)

You can view the entire slide deck on my slideshare:
Watch the broadcast on my periscope with comments:

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