Be Yourself Course

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January 27, 2017

The only way to stand out from the noise and guarantee that you’ll be unique is to tell your story and BE YOURSELF!

Full Course will contain 4+ hours of video content, worksheets and choose your own adventure modules customized for entrepreneurs, small business owners, brand employees, executives and even celebrities.  

I share everything I’ve learned in the last 4 years as I grew my digital footprint, built my community and grew my business.  

Be Yourself Course

Be Yourself Course

Tripod, Fisheye Lens and Battery: Gear Needed for Live Video

1,321 views February 23, 2017

This is part 2 from the live video I did for my #BeYourself course walking you through the gear...

Be Yourself Course

What Audio gear to use for Facebook Live and Periscope

7,275 views February 23, 2017

Mobile live streaming is amazing because anyone can go live, but that also means there's lots of...

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