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Behind The Scenes: Live Streaming FOMOFanz Podcast Home Office Setup and Equipment

August 23, 2017
I decided to do a one hour behind the scenes live stream on instagram live setting up my FOMOfanz Live Video Podcast​...
Here is the edited 12 minute version with links and PROOF that perfection is a fairytale and no matter how many live streams you do, things will happen and you have to be prepared to roll with the punches!
I highlight my Autonomous: Smart Office​ desk, iOgrapher​ gear and my use of Telestream Wirecast​ as well as the rest of my home office setup...
Gear site: http://ThinkLikeAFan.Live
Podcast Site: http://FOMOFanz.Live

Imported from Brian Fanzo

Imported from Brian Fanzo

Behind The Scenes: Live Streaming FOMOFanz Podcast Home...

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I decided to do a one hour behind the scenes live stream on instagram live setting up my FOMOfanz...

Imported from Brian Fanzo

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