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Data Blitz, Amazon Go and the NFL Disrupt Customer Experience! FOMOfanz Ep 003


Disruption and change are exciting if you’re able to understand the key elements of change and what new opportunities are now going to be possible.  On this episode of FOMO Fanz I discuss change and innovation news shared by two big brands, Amazon and NFL.  While many will focus on the jobs it will eliminate or the disruption these changes will cause, I believe the true focus is on the value of data and its impact on the customer experience. 

Listen to episode 003 here and then check out the video below about the Amazon Go new retail stores and read the blog and policy changes that the NFL are embracing only 7 weeks after implementing a very regulated social media lockdown.

FOMOfanz Podcast

FOMOfanz Podcast

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FOMOfanz Podcast

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FOMOfanz Podcast

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FOMOfanz Podcast

FOMOfanz Live Podcast Recording

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