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I tried to hold back my tears but OUR KIDS need our help! #HelpErase

July 29, 2016
I tried my best to not get emotional...

I need your help!
Our kids need your help!

46 kids a day are lost into child trafficking
17k kids a year in the USA..

July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking Persons...
Simply post a video on social media ERASING the words CHILD TRAFFICKING with the hashtag #HelpErase and tag some friends!

I'm asking everyone to help and I'm personally challenging Joel Comm - Tamara McCleary - Marcus Sheridan #ThankYouInAdvance

I'll be doing a Facebook live tomorrow that I hopefully don't cry during and will be tagging 3 more people..

Visit ERASE Child Trafficking Facebook page for more details..

Summit Live has teamed up with #HelpErase to use our influence for good!

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