Brian Fanzo Keynote Speaking

Keynote: Digital Odense17 - Odense Denmark April 27th

"How to create business with a" #ThinkLikeAFan "philosophy"
KEY NOTE: Brian Fanzo, CEO & Social Media expert, iSocialFranz, US: “Sådan skaber du forretning med en “#ThinkLikeAFan” filosofi"

From Bits to Dollars

Thursday. 27 April 2017 states we reopened its doors to a blast of a digital conference in Odense. Be inspired, how can you create more business out of all the digital opportunities.

You will meet speakers and case studies from home and abroad, both entrepreneurs, start-ups, trendsetters, large successful companies, disrupters, business investor and be updated on the latest technologies and trends.

DigitalOdense17 will be held on the main stage at the brand new culture and congress center ODEON in downtown Odense, close to Odense Central Station and with plenty of parking spaces in the basement of ODEON.

Who is our keynote: Brian Fanzo iSocialFanz
CEO & Social Media expert, iSocialFranz, NY
Brian Fanzo speaks quickly and tweeter even faster. He is the founder and CEO of iSocialFanz in New York, a socially strategic consulting agency. Brian's #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy has driven major Social Media campaigns Fortune50 companies, including IBM, Dell, SAP, LeTV, SanDisk, HP etc. He was also responsible for all Social Media coverage during the Super Bowl in 2016, the world's largest commercial event. He was awarded Top25 Social Business Leaders in 2014 by The Economist Intelligence Unit and was nominated for "Periscoper Of The Year" in the 2016th

Brian Fanzo Keynote Speaking

Brian Fanzo Keynote Speaking

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Brian Fanzo Keynote Speaking


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Brian Fanzo Keynote Speaking

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randolph ramsay May 18, 2019 05:22 AM Delete

DigitalOdense17 is going to be organized on the main stage at the trademark new philosophy and assembly center ODEON in downtown Odense, it is close to Odense Central Station and with sufficiently of space rooms in the cellar of ODEON. What is Find much more about the event by browsing this event online now.

martin garry May 14, 2019 02:25 AM Delete

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