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Power of Digital Storytelling and Live Streaming C2SV Keynote

October 18, 2015
Here is my first of two keynotes from this event... I also hosted 2 panel discussions... Below is a recap of the event!

Power of Digital Storytelling and Live Streaming C2SV Keynote
(A/V equipment went down so I went for it with no slides)
C2SV: San Jose Oct 8-9
Had an awesome time presenting at the world famous California Theatre in San Jose!
This was the same stage Steve Jobs announced the iPod In October of 2004.... It was an honor to be part of a great lineup that included Robert Scoble Jane McGonigal Bryan Kramer Jeremiah Owyang @britopian @sfcitycio founder of @Octlus rift and many more...
As a tech geek and believer in the power of collaboration and change it was exciting to have the chance to be on stage 5 times talking about 5 unique technologies and trends.
First off I got to interview Jan, a Stanford Professor who mentored Evan Snapchat founder and founded the company Cameo live streaming... Then moderated a 1 hour panel of ‪#‎iot‬ experts about the need for open standards and open source to drive innovation in the space!
The next day I presented (w/o my slides as they didn't load) about the impact of live streaming on business and how it's impacting millennial marketing.
Followed that up with a fireside chat with the CIO of San Francisco about digital disruption and how he managed government obstacles in arguably the most innovative city in the USA.
Finally I got to close out the event with my ‪#‎ThinkLikeAFan‬ keynote highlighting the change in mindset & philosophy required to embrace the needs of our realtime, mobile enabled, live streaming world!

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