Be Yourself Course

Tripod, Fisheye Lens and Battery: Gear Needed for Live Video

February 23, 2017
This is part 2 from the live video I did for my #BeYourself course walking you through the gear you need for going live on social video apps like facebook live, persicope, younow, twitch, YouTube and others.
Part 1 I covered audio requirements which you can watch here:
On this episode I talk about my favorite tripod from Arkon Mounts, my favorite mount from iOgrapher, fisheye lens and gimble from Olloclip and can't leave home without my Anker Battery packs. 
All the links are my affiliate amazon links to the exact gear that I showed on the video.
Rode:Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and SmartphonesRode 
RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System
Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone Super-Cardio
MXL:MXL Mics MM130 Handheld Microphone for Smartphones and Tablets
Desktop Podcast Mics:Blue Yeti for videos (Used to record this)Heil PR40 for my live PodcastsPower:
Anker:Anker PowerCore 20100
Anker PowerCore 10000Lens/Cases:
olloclip STUDIO for iPhone 6 Plus  iPhone 6s Plus + Telephoto, Wide-Angle
olloclip CORE LENS SET for iPhone 7  7 Plus: Black Lens/Black ClipTripod/Mount:
Arkon Mounts:Arkon 11 inch Camera Tripod Mount for Canon Sony Nikon Samsung Cameras
Arkon TW Broadcaster Combo Stand
iOgrapher:iOgrapher Filmmaking Case for iPhone 6/6S
Olloclip Pivot Gimble

Bonus: DotLive Domain go to
My dot live domains mentioned:Gear Page: http;//ThinkLikeAFan.Live
Podcast Pages:  SMACtalk.LiveOnline
#BeYourself Course: http://BeYourself.Live

As I said at the start this is a module that is part of my #BeYourself Course.  If you want to grow your personal brand, embrace the power of digital to tell your story and leverage apps and tools like live video to stand-out from the noise make sure you check out my course.

Be Yourself Course

Be Yourself Course

Tripod, Fisheye Lens and Battery: Gear Needed for Live Video

1,636 views February 23, 2017

This is part 2 from the live video I did for my #BeYourself course walking you through the gear...

Be Yourself Course

What Audio gear to use for Facebook Live and Periscope

9,591 views February 23, 2017

Mobile live streaming is amazing because anyone can go live, but that also means there's lots of...

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