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What Audio gear to use for Facebook Live and Periscope


Mobile live streaming is amazing because anyone can go live, but that also means there's lots of bad live video because anyone can go live.  I don't believe in using gear as an excuse to not go live but it does help increase the quality of your live feed and makes for a better experience for your viewers.  Whether its Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live,, YouNow, Busker or another phone based live streaming app the 4 main areas you must focus on when it comes to gear are: Audio, Power, Lenses and Tripods/Mounts.

As part of my #BeYourself course, I'm breaking down everything around live video and I decided to broadcast this module about live video gear on Facebook Live & Periscope.  Below you can watch the entire 40 min Facebook live video recording that includes some tips and tricks on what you need for live video and the live Q & A with the live audience at the end.  I also cut the video up into two parts if you want to get right to the gear.  All the links are my affiliate amazon links to the exact gear that I showed on the video.

I broke down the links into the 4 main categories of gear discussed on the videos above.





Bonus: DotLive Domain go to

As I said at the start this is a module that is part of my #BeYourself Course.  If you want to grow your personal brand, embrace the power of digital to tell your story and leverage apps and tools like live video to stand-out from the noise make sure you check out my course.

Be Yourself Course

Be Yourself Course

Tripod, Fisheye Lens and Battery: Gear Needed for Live Video

1,321 views February 23, 2017

This is part 2 from the live video I did for my #BeYourself course walking you through the gear...

Be Yourself Course

What Audio gear to use for Facebook Live and Periscope

7,275 views February 23, 2017

Mobile live streaming is amazing because anyone can go live, but that also means there's lots of...

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