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What's the Social Media ROI of a Screenshot?

June 16, 2017
This is a 12min clip of episode 036 of the FOMOFanz Podcast recorded live on Facebook Live & Periscope. Listen to the full 30min episode by searching "FOMOFanz" in any podcast app or listen on itunes here:
FOMOFanz 036: Social Media ROI: Screenshot Awesomeness

Social Media Return On Investment is a funny topic as it's something that's been debated for many years and something that many people have proven possible yet there are still many naysayers or those that simply use the basic data available and treat social media as a check mark or lost cause.

I didn’t want to rehash old news or spark the same debate as there are many great blog posts, books and thought leaders that breakdown how to create and map ROI with campaigns, individual projects and linking it to email marketing such as the blog post by my good friend Jay Baer below. But I believe there are basic things that we can do to document wins and link daily social engagements that happened online to business results by simply doing something I call “Screenshot Awesomeness”

Do you have a portfolio of awesomeness? Why Not? I explain where the concept came from, why I think it's so important and how it can become proof of ROI, motivation for a team and even inspiration when you’re having a bad day!

I’m also excited to welcome a NEW sponsor to the show 9 Spokes as they’ll be sponsoring the show for the next many months. You can signup for FREE and check out their small business dashboard by simply going to

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Imported from Brian Fanzo

Imported from Brian Fanzo

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